A little tip

I’ll share a little tip with you all that I tried out this morning for the first time. I was really contemplating getting a snack for many reasons…I woke up late, I don’t really have morning snacks…well not recently…nothing was “low enough” in calories for anorexia etc….
Anyway, I went to the cupboard and picked up my tin. I then said, well shouted, out-loud to myself 
"I am going to have this because I don’t want to live my life like this for the rest of my life!!"
And it actually really helped!

Okay I was home alone so I was able to do that without feeling too embarrassed but I would seriously suggested talking out-loud to yourself when/if you are struggling.

Externalising thoughts/feelings can help, especially if you are like me and suffer from over-thinking and over-analysing everything constantly. Anorexia can blow things out of proportion in our minds. Getting it out of your head can be extremely beneficial.


axbie asked:

I hope today has been good Kitty! Eat something yummy for me xx


I’m going to make a little post in one second xxx

woodylou asked:

Sounds amazing Kitty. You have great aspirations.. Wow maths and philosophy! I am going to be a fresher myself this year after unfortunately having to leave my first year last year. It's definitely something to look forward too.. I'm moving into Halls this year too! Scary! IKEA - you can never go wrong! What you up too this evening? Keep your head up, Love Woody x

I’m sorry to hear you had to leave after your first year, but it is great to hear you are heading back this year! Where are you going and what to do if you don’t mind me asking?
IT IS SO SCARY! SO SO SCARY! But kind of exciting in a very weird way…
Okay I have never admitted this but I have NEVER been to Ikea before :O :O :O I AM SO EXCITED. I’M GOING TO BREAK MY IKEA VIRGINITY! I hope you have a lovely day woody, take care xxx

Anonymous asked:

I love how your always so polite to messages from your inbox even when people are rude! Congrats on your results all the more reason to fight , flourish and be brave! Xxx

Thank you :) I hope you have a nice Friday anon xxx


Isolation is not something I talk about very much about on this blog or anywhere else for that matter, yet it is something that affects my life every single day.

Isolation is not a choice. 
It is not a conscious decision that we make.
It is a coping mechanism for something much deeper.

On typing “isolation” into the online Oxford dictionary I was hit by this definition “The process or fact of isolating or being isolated: “isolation from family and friends may also contribute to anxiety” “ 

I have never considered the effect that isolation has on anxiety before, but suddenly it feels like a piece of the puzzle has slotted into place.

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victoriajoanne asked:

I remember exactly how nerve-wracking this all is. I was so scared to find out who my flatmates for a whole year were going to be, but at the same time it was ridiculously exciting. These people could well end up being your friends for life, how exciting is that! Out of the 9 flatmates I moved in with 2 years ago, two I'm still living with now and one is my boyfriend of (nearly) 2 years! You have no idea who you're about to meet and how important they might end up being to you, it's so exciting!

ITS SO SCARY! I was literally shaking earlier and kept refreshing pages and pages but I am feeling a bit better now. It is such an amazing experience and one I wasn’t sure I would ever get to have. It is actually happening!!! In just over a month, well 5 weeks I will be moving in - how scary is that?! It makes my head spin just thinking about it xxxx

p.s. If you aren’t following Victoria then seriously, GO AND FOLLOW THIS GIRL! She is absolutely amazing and such an inspiration! It has been a pleasure to be able to watch her begin to blossom and flourish - especially over the past few weeks. She is just hujikghjgd amazing okay…gogogogo. FOLLOW!

Anonymous asked:

I love how much detail you go into in your answers to anons. Nice to see you feeling excited for uni!

:) It is a milestone that I wasn’t sure I would reach if I am honest with you so I am trying to embrace the change…although I am completely freaking out on the inside (and the outside) but I would prefer not to let that take over so let’s focus more on the positives!

I always try to give messages enough of my time and energy as I know that they have taken time/effort/courage to send. However that does mean I am sometimes a bit slow at replying but every single message I receive means a lot to me. If I can help anyone in anyway then that is more than enough. I just hope that the answers do help xxx

Extended Project final - Caroline Miller.pdf - Google Drive

This is for living-evolving and anyone else who may be considering taking the As level EPQ and wanted to read through an example. Mine was focused on the treatment of eating disorders but there was also a logbook, all my sources on a separate page and you had to do a presentation as well. This got me an A* grade so if you ever want to talk about it or anything about the qualification please feel free to message me. I warn you, it is quite a read! 

living-evolving asked:

hey i can't remember if this was you or not but did you do an EPQ on eating disorders? I was wondering if i could read it? i hope you're ok i know we haven't spoken in a while xxxxx

Hey Chessie, it is so lovely to hear from you again!
I hope you are getting on okay missey <3 I miss you on Tumblr!
It was indeed me that did an EPQ on eating disorders (: I did upload it somewhere but I will re-upload it to my google drive in a moment and post the link for you in one second.
Please take care lovely girl and I hope that today went okay for you too xxxxx

justlookingfor-me asked:

ahhh kitty you're gonna love york! i have friends who go to uni there and while i've never actually been there myself i hear it's such a beautiful place and they are absolutely loving it. i can definitely see you there and i'm so excited for you! when do you start? xxx

eeep thank you Channie :’) My move in date is Saturday 27th September! It is starting to sink in now! Mum and I are off Ikea shopping next week for some more uni bits aaaaa. It is such a beautiful city and I am so excited (but very scared) to move there xxxxxxx

Anonymous asked:

Hi kitty, i just want to know if you exercise?


No I do not. I have been on exercise restriction for over two years now - but in that time i have done a few things here and there. The only exercise i am meant to do is daily activities. However my job is quite active - one reason why I have cut down my hours as I wasn’t quite coping too well. But I would honestly recommend NOT exercising during recovery until your BMI is at a level that your doctor/team are happy with. I used to be very very active and did so much sport but unfortunately I have to wait until I am a higher weight to be able to get back to those activities. All the more reason and motivation to fight. Take care anon x

Anonymous asked:

Kick ass kitty, you are all kinds of wonderful, undoubtebly beautiful and an inspiration to many. It is just wrong that you just answered a question about how you're feeling, how recovery is with just food and calories. Wow. Thats sick. That is your sickness. Whether you're planning restrictions or increases seeing yourself as food/ weight is sick. Your feelings, self and life have nothing to do with food, your sickness is making them about food when theyre not. If you fix the real problems tbc

(cont) you’ll be able to let go of the food and weight bullshit. i know you cant ignore it right now, its there every day, so im not giving out about you trying to come up with meal plans/ reason out your intake etc. i get that. But that is not recovery, that is meant to be how you deal with your symptoms (food &weight) while you put your heart into recovering. i hate seeing you struggle with symsptoms, restricting&increasing, thoughts&feelings. But i think its gotten so hard that (tbc )(cont)the real work, the sick and hurting, beautiful wonderful incredible kick ass Kitty, has gotten lost underneath it again. The answers to your problems were never in food or weight, the problem made you search there when you didnt know what to do. If you keep searching there nothing will get better, you might change the numbers/behaviours, but to PROGRESS, to grow &heal & FEEL better (instead of just fighting to tick boxes &still feeling like crap) you have to face Kitty without the ED <3 <3

wow, this really hit me. thank you. Thank you so much for sending me this message and taking your time out to think about me. Reading this, it feels like I have literally been hit by a brick wall. You’re right. I seem to constantly seek within the numbers and the increases/recovery ways  for help; yet that is not where the problem lies. I can keep digging and keep searching all I want, but I will never find what I am searching for. Never. And its because isn’t there. I am looking in the wrong place.

But where is the “right” place?

I am lost. Very lost.
But honestly? I am terrified of finding myself again. I almost feel even more lost when considering NOT searching within the food and numbers - where do I turn? Life? 

Your insight into this is so profound and I am almost lost for words sitting here as I am not quite sure what else to say but thank you. It sounds to me that you may have been through a similar journey yourself but I am so thankful for you reaching out to me and giving me this insight that you have. You have honestly pointed out something to me that is SO obvious, yet is something I have been completely denying for YEARS. Thank you. Just thank you so much. I really do hope that life is treating you well and I wish you luck with everything you do anon, thank you for being so kind to me, I really appreciate it xxxx